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How It Started

A GPS mishap took us 4 hours out of our way to a part of Kentucky none of us had ever been to.

It turned out we were exactly where we needed to be.


Three members of our team decided to attend a revival service in Clinton, KY. We typed "Clinton" into the GPS and we headed south for 2.5 hours thinking we would type the church's address when we got closer to town.


We arrived at a gated dirt road with a sign stating “No Trespassing. Violators Towed.” After doing a web search on our cell phones, we discovered we landed in Clinton County NOT Clinton, KY, which was four hours due west. We all laughed and wondered what we should do.

"I guess Jesus took the wheel "

We all recognized Jesus took us on this adventure for a reason. We prayed about which roads to take and allowed His Spirit to lead us. The Lord took us to a trailer park, where we had the privilege to pray in Spanish for two Latinos. One cried and the other smiled for an unknown reason. They didn’t want to talk much, so we went on our way.

After driving for 20 minutes on rural highways, we sensed by the Spirit to go just two more miles before heading home. Two miles later, we saw a country church having a picnic. We stopped just to say hello and we told them about our adventure. One member jokingly stated, “I guess Jesus took the wheel.”


They showed us great hospitality and expressed some needs the church had, the biggest of which was that they had been without a lead pastor. We prayed for God to meet their needs, and when we were preparing to leave a few of them let us know how encouraged they were. "It's good to know that God sees us," they said. 

Nate Smith, the Founder of this project, was on the trip and a few days later, He asked the Lord in prayer why the group had landed in Clinton County. 

The Lord's response was simple: "So you can do this in every county in Kentucky."